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Ronnie G
Ronnie Goresh
Growing up in New Jersey, Ronnie G was exposed to art, dance, texture design and music in her youth; this provided the foundation for her unique design style today. Having 35 years of experience, Ronnie G is pushing the envelope on different and exciting designs for each of her clients. With the eclectic style Ronnie possesses, she individualizes designs to suit her client’s personalities. Marna Cardwell, Ronnie’s associate, has 27 years of experience specializing in color and space planning. As a team they are a full service design company.

Ronnie G designs offer boutique services with hands on personalized attention to every step through the design journey. A client can do one room or their entire residence. Budget is always an important consideration. Ronnie G and her staff constantly strive to create the type of design that will stand the test of time. It is Ronnie’s philosophy to create an interior filled with tranquility and harmony that will define the quality of life in a home through a simple, comfortable and functional design. Designing is exhilarating, since our team strives to make our clients relationship comfortable and fun.
Marna Cardwell
Marna Cardwell
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